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Tips & Tricks for Stacking Your Rings

Tips & Tricks for Stacking Your Rings

We love the recent trend of stackable jewelry, which is why we’ve been adding so many new stacking ring styles to our collection. You can wear them as an über minimal engagement ring option, a delicate wedding band, stacked with your favorite piece—the choice is yours! 

Stacking rings, conflict free recycled diamonds and recycled gold - Aide-memoire Jewelry

We have a wide range of stacking ring styles that can be made in a number of metals and textures, and many of these rings can be also made in very small sizes that can be worn a midi-style rings.

By the way—stumped on gift ideas? Stacking rings, like most other jewelry, make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day, as well as for commemorative events.

A couple of tips…

Several delicate, thin bands stacked on one hand have a more minimal look, whereas several wider or chunkier bands will be more attention-grabbing. To avoid having the rings be too matchy-matchy, play with proportions, size, and shape. Mix a couple of thinner bands with a wider band or a more eye-catching style with something more minimal.

Yellow gold stacking rings on hand - Aide-memoire Jewelry White metal stacking rings, on hand - Aide-memoire Jewelry

Maybe you want to keep the colors of your rings more streamlined, so you can play around with a little bit of additional sparkle or texture, like above, although a case can definitely be made for mixed metals, like below.  Feel free to mix textures and finishes to provide contrast as well.

Negative space can also help achieve a more balanced look for the whole hand—try to keep at least one finger bare.

Stacking rings, yellow and rose gold stacking rings, diamonds - Aide-memoire Jewelry

Stacking all your rings on one finger has a cleaner, more simple look, whereas many rings on different fingers can have a more eclectic vibe.

Your rings don’t need to fit together perfectly! Sometimes, a little bit of negative space in between your bands, like above and below, can help to add visual interest. We especially like our V Contour Band and Diamond V Contour Band styles for this.

Diamond V Contour Band & 4mm Oblique Square Solitaire on hand, yellow gold, diamonds, moissanite

Stacking rings styled shoot, recycled metal, eco-friendly engagement rings - Aide-memoire Jewelry

So how do you start?

Consider starting with one bold, attention-getting band and working from there, adding narrower bands and rings with a little bit of sparkle and visual interest. Alternatively, start small, with two rings that you like, and working your way up to more bands as you grow more comfortable wearing them.

Yellow gold stacking rings, recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds - Aide-memoire Jewelry

Yellow gold stacking rings, recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds - Aide-memoire Jewelry

PS—need more inspiration? Take a peek at the stacking rings photo shoot we did with Seattle Met Bride & Groom!

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