Vessel + Vine Group Vase Exhibit , May 1 - 27

Join us for a very special exhibit this May featuring original handmade ceramic vases by a female-and-non-binary-strong group of Seattle artists. For our Saturday, May 7 reception, fresh-cut flowers by Vanita Floral will be available for sale. Support women in our arts and crafts community with the purchase of a handmade vase, and fill it with colorful flowers. Treat yourself or delight your mom with a special Mother's Day gift she will cherish all year long.

Our shop owner, Aran Galligan, found inspiration for Vessel + Vine from her mom, who passed away last year. Throughout Aran's childhood, Aran was encouraged by their mom to nurture their artistic pursuits. "Mom loved plants, art, handmade items, and supporting artists. I want to honor her spirit. The Aide-mémoire store is a way for me to create more community in our Phinneywood neighborhood, and shine a light on artists who've forged unconventional career paths."

Opening reception:
- Saturday, May 7 from 12pm - 4pm
- At Aide-mémoire shop: 7003 3rd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Participating Ceramic Artists (in alphabetical order by last name)

Negar Adibpour

from the artist (edited for space):
My name is Negar. I was born in Tehran, spent all my adult life in Montreal to pursue architecture and been in Seattle for just over a year now. Growing up with a mother who shifted careers from architecture to ceramics, I knew I had to take her advice ... I taught myself how to throw on the wheel. [My] style is mainly focused on bridging the gap between functional and sculptural ceramics.

Steph Cao

from the artist:
Stephanie Cao is a potter who creates handmade pieces out of her studio in Seattle, WA. Her wares are inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design, as well as her love for the PNW and architecture + design. They are functional ceramics that are meant to be practical as well as beautiful for everyday use.

CJ Carter

from the artist:
Queer, creative, nerdy, and a genuine Pacific Northwesterner. CJ mostly makes figurative sculpture, but also loves playing board games, being outdoors, and of course throwing pots.

Theresa Choi

from the artist (edited for space):
Theresa Choi is a Seattle-based, second generation Chinese-Swiss American ceramic artist. Her pieces explore the layers and relationship of glaze, slip and raw clay surface. Her work features irregular patterns that are engaging, tactile and meditative. Theresa is currently interested in developing fluency in the materials and playing with the balance and grounding nature of black and white surfaces.

Ashley Corpuz Campbell

from the artist:
Ashley Corpuz Campbell of The Beige Motel makes playful and handbuilt ceramics that are thoughtfully designed and deeply inspired by architecture & 80s/90smotifs. She works primarily with porcelain and enjoys experimenting with color and using a variety of pigments to stain the clay bodies.

Aran Galligan

from the artist:
AranMade is Aide-mémoire founder, Aran’s, side project. They are a multidisciplinary material smith, prolifically creating work in whatever material is exciting their brain at the moment. All AranMade items are limited edition.

Jess Guatney

from the artist (edited for space):
Jess Guatney is a ceramic artist and outdoor adventurer based in Tacoma. Starting her creative journey as a photographer, she was drawn to moments of alpine cliffs, bikepacking, and capturing cozy indoor spaces. This background laid the groundwork for nature-inspired ceramics in a color palette that brings an appreciation of our environment into our home.

  • AJ Justice

    from the artist:
    AJ is a multidisciplinary artist creating work primarily in clay. First and foremost they identify as a
    storyteller, using any medium that curiosity and functionality leads them to. Their functional work largely features motifs of nature and nostalgia, marrying images of flora and fauna from their childhood as well as things that fascinate them to this day.
  • Laura Skiles Bundy

    from the artist (edited for space):
    Laura Skiles Bundy is a ceramic artist making her life and work in the beautiful PNW. Each piece is one of a kind, and made by hand in her Shoreline home studio.
  • The power of attention and ritual deepens our connections and nourishes our capacity for joy. I hope the ceramic vessels I make will grow rich with memories and meaning as they join new household rituals.  

Deanna Wong of Dwadlings Art

from the artist:
Deanna Wong is a non-binary artist born and raised on Duwamish and Coast Salish land. They created Dwadlings Art in 2020 as a grounding practice in ceramics, fueling an exploration in expression. To dawdle is to waste time. To dwadle is to do so purposefully, recognizing the benefits of taking things slow.


Stephanie Hansen Downes of Vanita Floral
Stephanie, of Vanita Floral, will join us on Saturday, May 7. Her floral bounty will be available for sale. Come fill your vases with fresh flowers.

from the artist: 
Vanita Florals are designed in the Pacific Northwest using locally grown and wild-foraged flora. Each arrangement is created in tribute to the balance and contrast of the living world – neither too harsh nor exuberantly pretty

lexa luna studio

Alexa Villanueva is the soul behind our Vessel + Vine artwork. Through ceramics and illustration, Alexa expresses gratitude, love and and fascination for sacred objects, moon cycles, and daily rituals.