Designed by Aran Galligan

Faceted Collar Pins


Meet the newest addition to our Aide-mémoire line - the faceted collar pin! This smart-looking, gender-neutral piece is part pin, part necklace, and completely versatile. The round faces on each pin have a faceted pattern, adding dimensional texture to the smooth exterior. A double-stranded, removable chain connects the pins end-to-end. Matching metal clutches hold both the chains and pins in place.

We love the many ways you can style this piece. Declare your work-from-home-chic style and wear it as a collar pin to your next Zoom meeting. Or, remove the chain and wear it as a lapel pin or tie tack for an understated yet elegant sprinkling of style. You can even share half this pin with your BFF or partner to show your love. We’re super excited to see you wear (or share) yours!

  • Choose between two options of chain pairings: 6.75” & 9.25” (long), or 4.75” & 7” (short)
  • Available in sterling silver or 14k yellow gold
  • Metal clutch is not made of precious metal and may contain nickel