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Monogram Oval Signet Ring •


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The origins of the signet ring date back thousands of years - some say as far as ancient Mesopotamia. Historically, signet rings were embossed with insignias indicating family heritage and societal position. They were often worn by men and used as stamps to sign official documents. 

Our gender-neutral Monogram Oval Signet Band is a ring for all people. The oval face is braced by broad, tapering arms on either side, creating the band's characteristic signet look. Our master jeweler hand-engraves a single letter on the oval face, so it's tailored just for you. Please indicate your letter at checkout.   

To further customize this ring with a gemstone, browse our library of available stones.

  • Approximately 8mm wide at the top and 2mm wide at the bottom
  • Made in a range of recycled metals
  • Available with a matte or shiny finish

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