Heirloom Diamond Resetting

Heirloom diamonds are memories of the past that we can tangibly hold on to and pass down to future generations. We feel honored to reset your heirloom diamonds because we know just how much they mean to you. In most cases, we reset a loose diamond or piece of diamond jewelry into one of our existing settings. On occasion, we will consider resetting non-diamond gemstones. We evaluate these projects on a case-by-case basis.


For more information about our heirloom diamond resetting process and how to determine if your project qualifies, please read below.


Customer Antique Enagement Ring Diamond Resetting

Resetting Customer Heirloom Diamond

Customer Heirloom Diamond Engagement Ring Set


Heirloom Diamond Resetting Before and After

Begin your request for heirloom diamond resetting with the following steps:

    1. Contact us with as much detail as possible to determine whether your project is a good fit for us. Helpful information to include:
      1. Dimensions of diamond(s) if known. If you do not have the dimensions, please include photos of your diamonds next to a ruler for scale.

      2. Pictures of the diamonds and/or jewelry.

      3. Please include links or names to the settings from our shop that you are interested in having your diamonds reset in.

      4. Your location or the location where we will be shipping the completed jewelry.

    2. If we determine this is a project we can move forward with, please set up an initial consultation. During this first appointment, we’ll gather more details about what you are interested in and give you an idea of what is and isn't possible.

    3. Once the initial consultation is complete, we will send you an estimate that includes both low end and high end figures. If you approve of the estimate, please complete and sign this form, and drop it off in-person or mail it to us, along with your stones or jewelry.

    4. Upon receipt of your jewelry and paperwork, we will examine the gemstones under a microscope to see if they are a good candidate for resetting. If the stones are currently set in jewelry, we can estimate size. Until they are completely removed from the setting, we will not be able to obtain concrete dimensions or note actual chips or imperfections. Therefore, without removing the stones, we respond to you with a speculative yes or no in regards to resetting, and an estimate on your stone’s dimensions.

    5. After this initial examination of your gemstones, we will follow-up to inform you of our findings. In some cases, we may need a second consultation. If the project moves forward, we’ll send you an invoice for the deposit, which is half of the estimate's high end amount. Once payment is received, we will begin resetting your gemstones.

    6. If your diamonds are set in jewelry, it’s difficult to know the exact size of the stone or if there are imperfections until we remove the gems from their original setting. Once removed, we’ll inform you of any issues with your diamond’s size or character.

    7. If you’ve chosen a modified design, we’ll send you a rendering for approval before we cast the setting.

    8. The final steps in this process: cleaning the gemstones, setting them, and shipping your new heirloom back to you. Your package will also include any scrap metal saved from the original jewelry setting. The final balance must be paid in full before we ship your finished, reset jewelry.

Resetting heirloom diamonds requires time and careful attention. The above process may add several weeks to the actual production time. We appreciate your patience. Know that you’ll be rewarded with a expertly reset, heirloom treasure.

How much will it cost to reset my heirloom diamond?

Cost largely depends on your diamond's size. If your diamond is smaller than .50ct, it may cost the same or more than a comparable item in our shop that is set with our own ethically sourced diamonds. If your diamond is .50ct or larger, we typically find the cost of resetting is less than a similar item from our shop.

Additional key factors that could increase the cost are:

    Can you use my metal to create the new piece? 

    Unfortunately, we cannot use the metal from your jewelry to make a new piece, because we cannot ensure the exact make-up of the metal you bring to us and re-using metal in that way lends itself to being very brittle.

    The recycled precious metals we handcraft with have been specifically vetted. We can trace their composition. Our refiner processes the recycled metal, separating it into pure elements. New alloys are created from this purely refined metal, ensuring the highest quality and structural integrity to the precious metals we use.

    If your diamond comes to us set in jewelry, we will discuss options with you and there may be a fee for removing stones from their current setting.