Aran Galligan of Aide-mémoire Jewelry

Aran Galligan, ze/they/she

founder, designer & maker

Aran is inspired by principles of modern design (simplicity, functionality, and truth to materials) as well as the idea that beauty lies in the imperfect markof the hand and the natural weathering of materials over time. That subtle imperfections in handmade work, or a patina on a ring after a lifetime of wear, are moments of celebration and beauty.

They are a Seattle transplant from the East Coast, who started their metalsmithing journey in 1996 at Virginia Commonwealth University, then went on to study metals at Penland School of Crafts and SUNY New Paltz. They spend their free time crafting functional objects in various materials and browsing antique malls and salvage yards, searching for unique wood and rusty metal stuff with rich texture and patina.

Our Process

We believe in high-quality craftsmanship with a sharp focus on ethically sourced materials and processes. We merge traditional handcraft techniques with the latest technology – utilizing everything from time-honored metalworking skills to computer-aided design and 3D printing.

We work exclusively with a select few suppliers for our metals, diamonds, and gemstones; as part of the Ethical Metalsmiths Community, we collectively vet these suppliers. The precious metals we use are recycled, except for chains. Currently, there is no source for 100% recycled chains.

Our colored gemstones are either lab-grown, recycled, or fair trade. The diamonds we use are lab-grown, or recycled natural. At Aide-mémoire, we are more stringent in our diamond sourcing than the narrow scope of the Kimberley Process (KP). We acknowledge that the KP alone is not enough to make a conflict-free claim. Our strict sourcing limits the range of stones we offer; however, our priority is creating jewelry with integrity.

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Lab-grown Pink and Blue Diamonds Photo by Sean Airhart.jpg__PID:aef88ca8-0dec-49be-bc17-32dbabdbebb7

Alaina Steffan, she/her

studio coordinator

Alaina has lived in the PNW her whole life and loves living in Seattle (although she could honestly do without all the rain). A life-long maker, she has always loved creating things with her hands and studied art and jewelry design in college. When she's not working you can find Alaina knitting, playing games with her husband and friends, and having her personal space enchroached upon by her dogs Melee and Mayhem.

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Sloan Selle, she/they

jewelry production assistant

Sloan has lived in Washington state most of their life and now calls the Olympic Peninsula home. With a degree in graphic design and a background as a mixed media artist with a love for fine details, Sloan's skills naturally tranlated to the precision of production jewelry. When not in the studio Sloan is usually playing with their two dogs, skateboarding, or taking beach walks and watching the neighborhood birds and otters.