At Aide-mémoire, we are committed to offering only ethically sourced stones. Our collection includes a breathtaking range of recycled natural, or lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, as well as Diamond Foundry lab-grown diamonds. We stock many of the gems in this catalogue. If you’re curious about a size or cut outside our collection, please reach out to us with your specifications. In many cases, we can source additional size and cut options. A sourcing fee may apply. 

If you’re interested in stones with color, our sapphires span all the colors of the rainbow and come in both soft and vibrant tones. Due to their hardness and durability, Sapphires make an excellent choice if you’re in search of a daily-wear stone illuminated by color. 

Discover more about gemstone strength and hardness by reading our Colored Gemstone Wearability Post.

Learn about lab-grown gemstones at our lab-grown gemstones blog post. 

While browsing our Gemstone Collection, please note the following: 

  • colors may render differently depending on your computer's monitor 
  • gemstones with colors can change hue depending on the light source 
  • unless stated as unheated, natural sapphires have been heat-treated but have not undergone other treatments