Custom Gallery

Custom jewelry design falls into three main categories:

Full custom - A new and original design created for a specific customer, typically with the customer's input into the design concept. 

Modified Design - Existing design with alterations made, like combining the setting from one design with the ring band of another design.

Bespoke - Made to order for you from an already existing design. With bespoke pieces, you customize the jewelry with your choice of specific elements like the ring size, metal color and karat, stone type, and metal finish. 

At Aide-mémoire, our customization focuses on bespoke and modified designs. We do not offer full custom design. We invite you to explore our Custom Gallery Collection below. You'll find examples of beautifully tailored modified designs and designs customized with ethically sourced sapphires, flush-set stones, and heirloom diamonds from our customers. 

If you are interested in a bespoke or modified design, please:

Email us at include the following in your message: style, metal color and karat, metal finish, ring size, stone preference and size. Please note any other customizations, and indicate your time-frame, and the ship-to address.

We will review your specifications and let you know if it’s a project we can fulfill and if we have time in our current production schedule. For certain types of modified jewelry design, there is a wait-list. Aran completes these designs as time becomes available. We will notify you if your custom project falls into this wait-list category.