Designed by Aran Galligan

Europa Moon Texture Flat Band


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Europa - one of Jupiter’s most celebrated moons. What lies in the ocean beneath its icy surface, 390 million miles away from planet earth? Astrobiologists, philosophers, and authors have pondered this question that we may never find an answer to. But where there are no answers, there is imagination. 

The mystery of this moon sparks our imagination and serves as the inspiration for our Europa Moon series of rings. Illuminated by texture, the exterior of this ring is marked with a non-linear pattern reminiscent of the topographical landscape of Europa’s ridge-cracked, fractured surface. Opposite this ring’s exterior is a contrasting, smooth, comfort-fit interior.

  • Approximately 1.5mm thick and available in a variety of widths
  • Made in a range of recycled metals
  • Matte or shiny finish

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