Duwamish Solidarity

The Duwamish Tribe The First People of Seattle

The Duwamish People were the first people of what is now called Seattle. They have been here for 10,000 years and are still here today. They are the original stewards of this land. The US federal government has not upheld their end of the treaty by federally recognized them. They have yet to be compensated for their land that was taken from them. This has a huge impact on the Duwamish People. They do not have access to funds and support from the federal government because of this. But it also has an impact in other ways. One example is that your children who grow up in Seattle can not be taught about them in public schools, because they are do not have federal recognition.

We must do what we can to support and stand in solidarity with the Duwamish Tribe!

Below are some actions you can take with your time and or money:

Sign this petition to demand federal recognition of the Duwamish Tribe, and others to sign it as well.

If you live in Seattle pay rent to the Duwamish Tribe. The money from Real Rent goes directly to the Duwamish Tribal Services and is helping revitalize Duwamish culture.

Learn about their history and teach your children about the Coast Salish People. The Duwamish store has some wonderful books that you can order online, or better yet go visit the beautiful Duwamish Long House in West Seattle, and shop in their gift shop. I highly recommend the book (for all ages) The People of Cascadia to learn about the cultural history of this region. 

Give a land acknowledgment before meetings, presentations, workshops, for your business, for your house, etc. Publicly acknowledging that Seattle was stolen from the Duwamish People. Let people know that the Duwamish are still here.  

Write to your elected leaders and demand that the Duwamish receive federal recognition. Do this on a local, state and federal level. Bug your elected leaders until this happens.