We offer a few different lines to meet different needs. Regardless of the manufacturer, all pieces sold by Aide-mémoire Jewelry adhere to our strict material sourcing. All pieces are crafted from recycled precious metals (with the exception of some chain components, which may not contain recycled metal). We use only ethical conflict-free diamonds (natural recycled, Canadian or Australian, and lab-grown) and ethical fair-trade gemstones. We go beyond the Kimberley Process in sourcing our diamonds to ensure that they truly are conflict-free. 

Designed by Aran Galligan - These pieces are Aran's original designs and are crafted and carefully handled in-house. Each bespoke piece of jewelry we create is custom made to order. Our techniques merge tradition with the latest technology – utilizing everything from time honored metalworking skills to computer-aided design. 

Designed by June Cream - This collection features designs by one of our team members. June is a Seattle based jeweler, lapidarist, and engraver who loves to incorporate play in her work.

Simple Bands - These classic wedding band styles are custom-made to order, and are crafted in the United States with SCS certified recycled metal. Since they are not made in-house, it affords lower prices and faster lead times than our handmade bands – taking just 1-3 weeks from the time of order.

3C Designs - This is a collection of carefully curated pieces created in the U.S. using SCS certified recycled metal. While not made in house, many of the engagement rings in this collection are easily customizable with a variety of stone shapes and sizes. Many of the customizations that can be made on these designs will not incur a custom fee or create a longer lead-time.