Designed by Aran Galligan

.Octagon Diamond Star Pendant


This vintage-inspired pendant features an octagonal shape representing renewal, rebirth, and the infinite cosmic dance between the celestial and the terrestrial. The eight-point star hand carved on the face of this pendant echoes the octagon shape while highlighting the center-piece gemstone.

Substantial yet dainty, this pendant is a great everyday wear necklace that can take you from day to night.  

  • Gemstone as pictured is a 3mm lab-grown Alexandrite
  • Available in 14k yellow gold
  • Matte or shiny finish

This pendant is part of our Charm Bar Collection. The best part about our Charm Bar pendants  you can easily slip them on to a variety of chains yourself. Mix and match chains or cords to design a new look every time you wear this pendant! Looking for chain ideas? Browse our collection of gold and silver chains.

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