Designed by Aran Galligan

Sculpted Torus Ring •


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Can a circle ever be perfect? To the naked eye, what we may perceive as perfection, is in truth, a shape - in constant flux with the push and pull of the earth's gravitational forces — even a perfect circle wobbles.

Our Torus Ring, named after the mathematical or architectural torus shape, reflects this push and pull. It reminds us that change happens, whether it's small-scale and invisible to the human mind or more visible and pronounced.

You can wear this transcendent ring in many ways. It makes for a unique and thought-provoking wedding band. Transform it into a stacking band worn with your other favorite rings. Or wear it as an everyday reminder of the universe's sublime imperfections.

For a similar style that includes recycled natural or lab-grown diamonds, try our Sculpted Diamond Torus Ring.

  • Approximately 2.1x2.1mm wide at its widest point; 1.6x1.5mm at its narrowest
  • Made in a range of recycled metals
  • Matte or shiny finish

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