Custom Made Rings and Sets

Custom Made Rings and Sets

In 2013 I had the opportunity to work with a lot of great customers creating bespoke rings. Here are some of the custom rings and wedding band sets that I made in 2013. One of my favorites was a ring for my friend Kristen. Her (now) husband Bob contacted me about a surprise engagement ring, and it was so fun to work on an engagement ring for a friend. 

Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring for Kristen

Kristen's Ethical Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Kristen's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Engagement ring + Wedding Band

Polka Dot Wedding Band for Ellie and Emily

Aquamarine and 14k White Gold Engagement Ring

Then later (post-wedding) Ellie decided to surprise Emily with an engagement ring. It's 14k white gold with an aquamarine.

14k Yellow Gold and Peridot Ring

Another fun one for a friend. This ring was given to my friend KT for Christmas from her 3 year old son. It's 14k yellow gold with a peridot (Perry's birthstone). 

14k yellow gold bridal wedding ring set.

14k yellow gold and white sapphire engagement ring and wedding band set for Oliver in Spain. 

palladium and rose gold wedding band set

Who says a wedding band set has to match? Palladium ring for Leigh, and rose gold ring for Nora.

palladium and rose gold wedding band set

Another mis-matched set. 

Palladium Yellow Gold and White Gold Wedding Band Set

Then the smallest rings I've made to date were these two in a size 2.5. 

14k Palladium White Gold

I loved this set. Same metal and shape with different textures. I think that is a great way to represent the connection between two unique individuals. 

14k White & Yellow Gold Ring

For this one she wanted a ring that looked like it was changing colors from white gold to yellow gold. 

These rings are all about the contrast. They have a rounded interior and mostly flat exterior. Then a shiny smooth inside and the textured matte outside.