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Men's Engagement Ring

Men's Engagement Ring

What is a men's engagement ring? That's the beauty of it; since there isn't a long tradition in the US to either follow or buck against, it's pretty much whatever you want it to be. Here are a few approaches that we've seen.

Get a Silver Engagement Band

Sterling silver is the least expensive of the "precious metals," so it is an excellent option for a ring that would be worn just during the engagement period. Since silver is a soft metal, it scratches and dings faster than other metals and is easier to distort. That's why we only offer silver rings as engagement bands with the idea that you would replace it a year or two down the road with a wedding band in gold or platinum. Silver engagement bands are also an excellent way to try out a style before committing to a more expensive ring. Click here to see our selection of silver masculine engagement rings.

Stack Two Rings

Wear one band ring during the engagement period, then add another band ring for the wedding. If you like the idea of having two rings but also like a wider ring, you could choose a wider ring for the engagement ring, then a narrow band for the wedding ring. Just keep in mind the total width you would like for your two rings together and divide that.

Wear it on a Chain

Get the ring that will ultimately be your wedding band, but wear it on a chain during the engagement period. A silver chain works great for this as silver is softer than 10, 14, or 18k gold so that the chain wouldn't wear down your ring as much.

Alter it Before the Wedding

Another approach is to get engagement rings, that would also be the wedding bands, then alter them for the wedding to make them even more special. Like, engrave a surprise message into each other's rings right before the wedding, or have a stone flush set in them. If you plan on having a stone flush set in the band, make sure you start with a thick enough band to accommodate the stone.