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A Place for Everything: Jewelry Organizers

A Place for Everything: Jewelry Organizers

Here in Seattle, the air is getting a bit crisper and the popsicle stash in my freezer just doesn’t seem as appealing as it did back in the heatwave of June.

With the change in seasons, I’m feeling like it’s time to tidy-up a bit at home. Something I've always wanted to arrange and organize is my little jewelry collection. Alexa, our social media and photo editor, and I (Mikko here!) put our heads together and came up with a few ideas that will keep necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets neat and tidy. If you're looking to organize your jewelry space too, we hope the ideas in this post will inspire you to spruce. 

First stop, is at our Aide-mémoire brick-and-mortar shop. The handmade ceramics we carry include a lovely selection of petite saucers that are the perfect size for rings, earrings - even necklaces. Your jewelry will have a dedicated place, and your home will be graced with the warmth of a kiln-fired, handcrafted ceramic dish.

image of ceramic ring dishes available at the the Aide-mémoire shop

For added visual and textural interest to your vanity table-top, how about jewelry organizers made from cement, wood, or brass? Connected Goods carries beautifully made brass jewelry stands that can hold rings, bracelets, shorter necklaces, and ear wire earrings. Or, try Awkward Auntie’s handcrafted long, oval cement tray in an earthy terra-cotta color. It’s spacious and versatile enough to hold a range of jewelry. For a forest-inspired feel, MakkDesign makes wood-based jewelry displays that you can creatively arrange in different shapes and forms. And, if you’re able to travel, this jewelry case from TNT Goods is as organized as it gets!


Have space on your wall for a surface-mounted organizer? Artist Kaye Blegvad's contemporary wall hooks are pretty darn cool. They come in a variety of colors and can hold more than just jewelry if you're really in the mood to organize. Is your jewelry collection bursting with necklaces? The "Jessica" by alvinandgray is a great way to keep them neatly together and tangle free. It kinda reminds me of a rainbow and puts a smile on my face every time. :) 


Are there DIY-ers among us? We’ve got you covered! Ohoh Deco and share tutorials on creative ways to transform wood-based materials or found branches into stunning jewelry organizers that double as art. For an equally stylish and creative stand that's made of porcelain, check out Collective Gen's how-to on designing jewelry organizers from vintage plates, saucers and egg cups. And, if you're making the trek out to IKEA, don't forget the cork coasters! Paper & Stitch's Two-Tier Jewelry stand tutorial is an ingenious and affordable hack that's cute and eco-chic. So many creative folks!

image of 4 DIY ring organizer ideas from bloggers found on the internet

I'm pretty excited to start organizing my jewelry now with all these great options. Hope you are too. Happy jewelry tidying!