Real Aide-memoire Weddings: Erica & Beks

Real Aide-memoire Weddings: Erica & Beks

We're so excited to share this next couple in our Real Aide-Mémoire Weddings blog series, Erica & Beks. We loved being a part of your engagement and wedding day! 

Erica & Beks' Aide-memoire Jewelry Rings, Real Weddings - Photography by Lenaig Delisle

Names: Erica & Beks

Location: Vashon Island, WA
Date: August 12, 2017

What was the most memorable and/or favorite part of your day?

We both really loved our ceremony! We hadn't planned it as far in advance as a lot of other elements of the wedding, like our photographer and the food, so we didn't have much time to think about what it would be like on the day. But it was so beautiful and felt so personal to our relationship. Beks' mom and aunt are pastors and officiated the ceremony, and Erica's mom lead a blessing of the rings.

Erica & Beks' Real Aide-memoire Weddings - Photography by Lenaig Delisle

Any advice for other couples who are currently planning their weddings?

Erica: There's a lot of advice online about how to decide what is most important to you at your wedding and how to prioritize that during planning but remember to keep in mind what the experience will be like for your guests. Think about things like parking, keeping everyone fed, music for all generations, etc. Also, remember to keep the kids happy! Happy kids are super cute and that will keep the adults entertained, too.

Beks: No matter how hard you try to be "chill," it's going to be stressful to plan a wedding and there will be some strain on your relationship. Try to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and expectations before you get upset with your fiance. I think you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings and conflicts if you realize that, even though you know the person you're marrying very well, you can't always predict the expectations they'll have or what will be really important to them and why.

Erica & Beks' Real Aide-memoire Weddings - Photography by Lenaig Delisle

If you could do it all again, would you change anything?

Erica: I would eat more. Haha, I'm still thinking about the appetizers I didn't try and how delicious the food I did eat was.

Beks: No, I loved it!

Erica & Beks' Real Aide-memoire Weddings - Photography by Lenaig Delisle

Erica & Beks' Real Aide-memoire Weddings - Photography by Lenaig Delisle

What surprised you the most about your wedding day?

Erica: I was honestly surprised by how easy everything felt. Even the little things that ended up not going according to plan actually made the day better since we wanted a very relaxed feel to the day. You plan all these details for so long, it's nerve-wracking to finally see everything come together, but I loved every minute!

Beks: I knew that our family and friends would be helpful, but was surprised by just how incredibly happy and willing people were to do anything to make the wedding and reception go well. It made a huge difference and we got to enjoy the day so much more because people were taking care of the inevitable hiccups.

Why was choosing an eco-friendly jeweler important to you?

Erica: My engagement ring first caught my eye because I am a scientist and was looking for a ring that wouldn't poke through lab gloves or anything. When I learned the ring was made locally in Seattle, I was so excited! We'd been looking for ways to tie hometowns, Atlanta and Seattle, into the wedding. Supporting small businesses was important to us throughout the whole wedding and knowing that our rings were made individually and responsibly made them feel like the perfect fit!

Beks: Growing up there was a lot of emphasis on recycling, driving less, and using less electricity as a way to live an eco-friendly life. It's been eye opening to learn the high environmental costs of less obvious things, like clothing. We try to be thoughtful about where we buy clothes, increasing the lifespan of things we have, and reducing food waste. With something as meaningful as wedding rings, we wanted to pay close attention in making an ethical choice.

Erica & Beks' Real Aide-memoire Weddings - Photography by Lenaig Delisle

Erica & Beks' Real Aide-memoire Weddings - Photography by Lenaig Delisle

Photography by Lenaig Delisle, more photos here.