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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

December is a month for big celebrations. It's especially joyous for us because the first of the month marks Aide-mémoire's anniversary. We are officially nine years old on December 1! According to western wedding etiquette, the traditional gift for a married couple celebrating their ninth anniversary is pottery (or willow wood). While ours is a business anniversary, I think pottery nicely symbolizes these first nine years.

Clay is shaped, transformed, and molded. It is celebrated for both its imperfections and its definitive shape. The beauty of clay lies not just in the finished piece, but also in the journey to its final form. 

Aide-mémoire's journey over these past nine years is a lot like the progression of potter's clay. It starts as a blank slab. Over time, it is nurtured, sculpted, and shaped into a form embodying the spirit of the Maker. 

photo of Aran's first studio

Aran, our founder, started Aide-mémoire with the sale of a single wedding band.* From there, they've juggled studio moves, staff hires, business and finances, jewelry-making, client meetings, opening a brick-and-mortar. A small business owner has a heck of a lot of responsibility! There were bumps and victories along the way. Each experience shaped Aide-mémoire into what it is today: a seven-women-strong company led by a Maker with a vision to create. 

Photos of Aran in the early days of Aide-mémoire

Since our brick-and-mortar storefront opening this July, Aide-mémoire has journeyed into yet a new shape and form. This fresh interpretation incorporates Aran's vision as a Jeweler and a Maker, and the vision of fellow Artists we showcase at our shop.

Exterior photo of Aide-mémoire shop - festive for the holidays

A big shout out and thank-you to all the folks who've helped form Aide-mémoire these past nine years. We're looking forward to future experiences that will define the new shape of Aide-mémoire.


*For our more curious readers: Aran's first sale was an 8x1mm flat band. If you'd like to re-create our magic anniversary moment, take a look at our collection of wide, flat bands.