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High Five with Cayden Carle of Loathed in the USA

High Five with Cayden Carle of Loathed in the USA

If you've visited our Seattle shop, you may have noticed the handsome leather accessories we carry by Loathed in the USA. These beautifully handcrafted items are cut, sewn, and stitched one at a time by local Maker Cayden Carle. 

As part of our High Five Maker interview series, I got a little behind-the-scenes peek at Loathed in the USA. We hope you enjoy learning about Cayden as much as we did!

image of Loathed in the USA leather satchels

MK: Growing up in Alaska, you spent a lot of your youth outdoors - hunting, fishing, living off the land. By age 11 you started working on commercial fishing boats. Pretty incredible stuff. During those times when your boat was adrift in the ocean’s sprawl - is that when you formulated the idea of starting Loathed in the USA?  Or, how did the idea of starting a leather goods business come about? 

CC: I actually got the idea in the off season. I just wanted to make myself a knife sheath, something I’d actually done before. That turned into friends wanting me to make them wallets, dog collars, belts etc… 

 Loathed in the USA leather wallet and selfie of Maker Cayden Carle

MK: Leather is a truly natural and even ancient textile. What drew you to using leather versus any other type of material? Is there any connection to your affinity for leather with your childhood years spent outdoors?

CC: My grandfather, Master Tsimshian carver Stan Marsden, did some leather work, mainly sheaths for knives and adze. Beyond that, we’ve used leather my entire life from making moccasins, to drums, to regalia. Traditionally speaking we would try to utilize every part of an animal from the bones to the skin, rather than just taking the meat, so that there be no waste. 

image of Loathed in the USA leather wallets

MK: The Loathed in the USA logo is really striking. I especially love how it looks when imprinted on some of your products like the Mini Snap and Little Big Snap wallets. Can you share the story behind your logo? 

CC: It was drawn by my grandfather for a Totem he did in the 90’s called the Healing Heart, after my uncle died of a cocaine overdose. It symbolizes healing, substance abuse awareness, creation, and community. 

 Loathed in the USA studio images

MK: You started Loathed in the USA in 2020. Since then what have you learned about yourself/owning your own business?

CC: I’ve learned that learning, and the willingness to learn, is imperative to not only business, but life in general. 

MK: If you could travel anywhere in the world (or universe) right now where would you go and why? 

CC: I would go back in time, and learn more from my grandfather.


Thanks Cayden, for sharing a little bit about yourself and Loathed in the USA. Check out the Loathed in the USA Instagram for more cool behind-the-scenes videos on how his amazing leather goods get made. 

All images are courtesy Cayden Carle and the Loathed in the USA Instagram.