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Circle of Love Pendant x Love Makes a Family Day Photo Pop-up

Circle of Love Pendant x Love Makes a Family Day Photo Pop-up

Hooray, hooray, it's almost May! I know April is just underway, but we have some buzz-buzzy news to share. This Mother's Day weekend, our shop celebrates motherhood, family, and all forms of caregiving with our Circle of Love Pendant x Love Makes a Family Day Photo Pop-up!

This event was inspired by our new Circle of Love Pendant. So each Circle of Love pendant purchase grants you a complimentary mini-photo shoot on May 13 in our Seattle store. You can also purchase a pair of earrings or a necklace priced $200 to qualify for this event. Our talented photographer, Bri McDaniel, will commemorate the moment with mom or the guest of honor surrounded by loved ones (children, a family member, a friend - your choice!). You'll also take home a mini-bouquet of fresh flowers, and you'll receive an email link to your keepsake photo. So many goodies for all the incredible caregivers out there!

This event is so unique, I invited Aran and Bri to chat about what the Circle of Love pendant and Love Makes a Family Day means to them.

images of Aide-mémoire's Circle of Love pendantMK: Aran, can you talk to us about how you came up with the Circle of Love Pendant?

AG: Well, circle shapes are pretty popular designs that represent mother and child relationships. But they’re usually in the form of connected or interlocked circles. For my design, I wanted to convey this idea of nesting rather than interlocking. So my pendants come in several sizes. The smaller circles nest inside the bigger ones like a snuggly embrace.

image of Aide-mémoire Circle of Love pendant and Eva Zeisel's Town and Country Salt and Pepper Shakerstop corner photo: Eva Zeisel's 1946 Town and Country Country Salt and Pepper Shakers, courtesy Cooper Hewitt Museum

MK: Yes, the hug feels very cozy! I’m loving the natural, fluid shape of the circle too. What was your inspiration for the form?

AG: I was thinking about motherhood and what sprang to mind was Eva Zeisel’s famous Town and Country Salt and Pepper Shakers. These were really important pieces in the history of modern design, partially because of the femininity Zeisel brought to the work. I love the organic sensibility, and the feeling of warmth they evoke. It inspired this idea for the pendant's fluid, nesting shapes.

And then the concept evolved from there. Each shape has a unique and slightly different quality. And you can choose different precious metal for each pendant. So no two Circle of Love charms are alike – just like all the people in your caregiving circle. 

Circle of Love Pendant and Love Makes a Family Day Photo Shoot VisualsMK: Bri, what made you think of the idea for the Love Makes a Family Day photo pop-up?

BM: I came up with the photo event because, as a mother myself, I find it important to capture as many images of yourself with your kiddo. Mamas are constantly taking pictures of their little ones and often get overlooked in the memory making. We are usually making all the magic happen behind the scenes. I think this will be a great time to celebrate all the hard work and document this fleeting time in each family's story. 

image of Love Makes a Family Day photo pop-up at Aide-mémoireMK: That’s so beautiful! For the mini photo-shoot, folks will have their photos taken against this cheery, bright backdrop you created. I love the colors, the flowers, the lighting - there’s an overall sense of fresh joy.

BM: I’m obsessed with spring and flowers. Also, sheets bring a sense of comfort to a [photo] set. Just wanted to invoke a sense of joy, comfort, and home (just like spring).

image of Aide-mémoire Circle of Love pendantMK: You totally nailed it! The other unique thing about this event is the name. The day of the event, Saturday, May 13, is traditionally celebrated as “Mother’s Day”. But we’re choosing to call it “Love Makes a Family Day”. Can you both share a little bit about the event name? 

AG: Motherhood looks like a lot of different things. I want to create a more inclusive holiday where we can celebrate whatever and whoever family is to us. Whether it’s chosen family, biological family …

BM: I’m inspired by representation and being seen. Mothers and primary caretakers often get overlooked and the work they do only gets celebrated one day of the year. I’m hoping this event will cement a memory, help mothers feel seen, and to show our appreciation.


You can secure your Love Makes a Family mini-photo shoot by ordering your Circle of Love Pendant by April 29. 

See you all there!