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Three Reasons to Consider Stand-in Proposal Jewelry

Three Reasons to Consider Stand-in Proposal Jewelry

Did you know that one of the most popular times for proposals is during the November, December holiday season? It’s a time when family and friends are already gathered together, so basking in the glow of an engagement feels extra special surrounded by loved ones. 

If a proposal is on your horizon this holiday season — or even if you’re planning to propose sometime in the new year, a Stand-in Proposal Band is a great option. Let’s talk about why.

Surprise - it’s an engagement! For many folks, popping the question unexpectedly makes for a memorable way to propose. However, you’ll likely have to guess the right size and style engagement ring on your own. Our Stand-in Proposal Rings take the stress out of guessing so you can channel your energy into the proposal itself. Once you’ve both said “I do”, we’re happy to exchange your temporary band for an Aide-mémoire engagement ring that you can both feel good about selecting together. 

photo of Pave Basket Stand-in Proposal Ring
pictured above: the Pavé Basket Stand-in Proposal Engagement Ring

“Ti-i-i-i-i-me is on my side…” well, maybe for the Rolling Stones. But if you need an engagement ring in a jiffy and time is not on your side, consider our Stand-in Proposal Band as your ring to the rescue. Maybe you’ve both decided on a spontaneous engagement and need a ring right away. Or, you’re planning a destination engagement that takes you out-of-town. Perhaps you have an engagement ring in mind already, but it’s just taking a bit longer to customize and you want to wear an engagement ring in the meantime. Whatever the reason, if time is keeping you from the engagement ring of your dreams, why not wear a temporary Stand-in Proposal Band? You can rest easy with a ring on your finger, while your future engagement ring awaits. 

photo of Basket Solitaire and Flat Silver Stand-in Proposal Engagement Rings
pictured above: (l) Basket Solitaire Stand-in Proposal Engagement Ring, (r) Flat Sterling Silver Proposal Band

If a ring isn’t your thing, or you’ve searched high and low but still haven’t found the “one ring”, what about an engagement necklace? We’re excited to report that we’ve had several customers purchasing engagement necklaces in lieu of rings. We've also had customers purchasing an engagement pendant while searching for just the right ring. It’s a creative way to say “I do”.  And, wow, you can have so much fun with this! I’m thinking engravings (your engagement date, your partner’s initials, a special word…), pendants with matching gemstones, or a pendant with a gemstone that matches your wedding ring. So many possibilities! 

image of Aide-mémoire pendants
pictured above: (l) Hand-engraved Date Pendant, (r) Magic Ring Holder Necklace

Whether you decide on a Stand-in Proposal Ring or a pendant from our Aide-mémoire collection, we’re happy to help you celebrate your engagement journey. Our Stand-in Proposal rings are in-stock, come in a range of sizes and styles, and (in most cases) can be exchanged towards the purchase of your future ring. Swing by our Seattle shop or arrange for shipping. Let’s celebrate these joyous occasions together!